Saturday, July 4, 2009

"The man that hath no music in himself, or is not mov'd with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils."

So I've started a new blog. Its called Musically Inclined. Music is a huge part of my personality and many of my favorite songs apply greatly to my life. I thought it might be kind of weird to put song lyrics on my Shakespeare blog, so i just started a new one(: All it will be is a copy of lyrics from a song that i feel is relevant to that day(: check it out. (:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vanity thy name is Hallie?

So I'm sitting in my room, reading various blogs, getting caught up, thinking about what to write, when I hear Hallie and her friend Shea talking. Hallie: "That's a real Mercy Me drumstick. Like, they actually used it." Shea: "Really?? That's cool!" A few moments earlier- Shea is walking up the stairs "stealthily" and Hallie is hiding at the top, both girls jump out and scream at each other. Shea: "HA! I scared you!" Hallie: "No you didn't! I scared you more than you scared me!" Shea: "Nuh-uh." Hallie: "Uh-huh!" and so they continue arguing until the TV begins a new episode of Hannah Montana. Shea: "Lets change it. Ive seen this one twice before." Hallie: "Yeah but i lo- I mean Ive never seen this one before! I wanna see it!" Even earlier- Hallie walks into my room: "Hannah, can i show Shea your make up kit you got for Christmas? Ive been trying to explain it to her but she doesn't get it." Me: "Okay, i guess, but put it back because i just cleaned my room." Hallie takes the black case out of my drawer and calls Shea in. She proceeds to pull out all of the little drawers, and compartments and explain to Shea what everything is. "And she lets me use it whenever i want if i ask first." Hallie informs her friend. (which, if i may point out, is not entirely true.) So because Shea and Hallie have suddenly become quiet, i have nothing else to share with you. I don't really know why i chose to write about this but i guess i just didn't have anything else to talk about. And i know that's not a Shakespeare quote, but I thought it was pretty funny(:


Monday, February 9, 2009

Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find

So recently my best friend, lets just call her Sally;), has been through a lot. Not to sound all teen angsty on you but one thing that has hurt Sally recently is that her boyfriend of a year and a month broke up with her for the..5th?(lost track) and last time. [[let me remind you we are in the 8th grade so this was considered a long time.]] This "boyfriend" decided that just because they weren't going out anymore, it was okay to put her down and make fun of her. Things were said(from both sides) that are now regretted; But Sally "loved" him and for days after I could tell she was upset and some-what depressed; but to anyone else(not her best friend) you wouldn't have even noticed. Lets backtrack some to before all this happened. Sally's parents were having some trouble. Her family is like my second family so you can imagine that if anything bad happened then it would hurt me nearly as much as it would hurt her. Let's keep in mind that Sally is in volleyball, basketball, student council, almost all pre-AP classes, only in the 8th grade, etc. All things that require tons of work and result in tons of stress for a 13 year old. While all this was happening Sally remained strong and never showed how much pain she was in. Something else? Sally's younger brother was coming home with his friend one day and his friends mom lost control of the car. The car flipped three times, finally coming to a stop in a ditch. All three passengers were sent to the ER and treated for minor cuts and scrapes.No one was hurt severely but to this day her brother has scars on his arms from the window glass. Again Sally showed no sign of pain in her life. Sally has been through many different struggles and i write all this to say that i am proud of her and i love her very much. She has been a great friend to me regardless whats happening in her life. I will go ahead and tell you that Sally now has a new boyfriend(who in my opinion is a much better choice than the former). Her family issues have been resolved, and she is finally happy again. I know many people who wouldn't have been able to endure these things, but not Sally. Sally is stronger than that. So in the words of Shakespeare: Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.
*most of the people reading this blog know who I'm talking about. i would appreciate it if no one said anything to her about anything said in this post as she doesn't know i wrote this and would be extremely embarrassed:)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nothing Will Come of Nothing

I was originally planning to write about my little sister but that will have to wait. :) As i was looking around for a quote that would fit Hallie(sister), i found the one "Nothing will come of nothing." I began thinking about what this means and what i could apply it to. For example: at this very moment, I'm supposed to be cleaning my room and bringing my dirty clothes downstairs. No matter how bad i wish i could just snap my fingers and those things be done for me, "nothing will come of nothing." Another thing I've noticed is that many people i know have made new years resolutions to lose weight, read more, go to church more often, etc. The normal resolutions. But i have also noticed that many of those people have not acted on their commitment. I think they're hoping that just because it's a new year, their resolutions will just automatically keep themselves; and yet, "nothing will come of nothing." People talk all the time about "going green" and "change" yet they drive home in their diesel trucks and get angry when our nation appoints a black man as our president. I'll admit i wasn't the most excited person when it came to Obama, but we asked for change, we got it, and i believe our new president will continue changing our nation in one way or another. "Nothing will come of nothing." At our church right now, we are going through a lot concerning debt and leadership. If no one steps up, "nothing will come of nothing". If we don't start turning to God for help, "nothing will come of nothing." So what are you doing still sitting there?? Get up and do something, or else "nothing will come of nothing" :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

For Goodness' Sake

Before I begin I would just like to say that i am new to this and I'm 13 years old. :) Because of this, this first blog will most likely be neither good nor very long; But as i go on hopefully my posts will get better..hopefully:) I would also like to explain my blogs title and purpose. I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but could never come up with a theme, title, time, etc. I have finally begun this blog due to the fact that it is Saturday and I am, quite frankly, bored. :) I chose the title Shakespeare&&me because, obviously, I am a big fan of Shakespeare. (I can thank Elizabeth for that:D) In my posts I am going to try to find a Shakespearean quote to center my writing around. This could either turn out fairly interesting or extremely boring..we'll see. :)
Today I was browsing the Internet for random quotes when i came across the quote "For Goodness' Sake". I guess i hadn't realized that Shakespeare used this saying in at least one of his projects. It's not as if this quote is new to me.. in fact my mom and my grandmother say this quite frequently; But for some reason, this time when I read this quote I thought "what the??" I guess I've never actually thought about what "For Goodness' Sake" means. Out of curiosity I went to to find out what "sake" technically means. The dictionary says that sake is something's best interest. Does goodness even have an interest?? And if so why would that convince me to do something?? I mean "for your phone's sake" would probably have a better effect on me. Or "for the sake of you weekend" or something like that. I dont know. I guess it just struck me funny that I had never thought about what it meant to say "for goodness' sake" when i hear it so much. :) Just thought I'd share.